Every year we create a WhatsApp group for the new freshers. Here you can ask us questions, talk to your fellow students for the first time and get information about the most important dates of the first week and semester. To be well informed about the entire course, it is also worth subscribing to our official Instagram page  (@sopo.fbv)! In our stories and posts we keep you up to date so that you don’t miss anything anymore. 


It makes sense to look for an apartment right after enrolment at university. You can find offers on or on the website of the student services. If you don’t find an apartment right away, the AStA has a Facebook group called “Couchsurfing AStA Uni Mannheim“, where you can look for places to sleep for the first nights in Mannheim. The less affordable option would be to switch to a hostel. But we hope that you all find something in time and keep our fingers crossed for you!


It is clear that this will not happen within a week. However, the orientation week offers the perfect opportunity to get to know the university, the city’s hot spots and many new friends. In addition to the activities of the student council, the faculty also offers information events to welcome you. For example, we organize a campustour and a city rally with you, offer you study plan consultation hours and are at your side with words and deeds. For this you should also keep the week from the 6th to the 10th of September free, you will not regret it! All important information about the orientation week can be found here.


All Bachelor students in sociology and political science must choose a minor subject. For this you should inform yourself in time, so that you will find the additional subject that you like the most. For information, a special “minor market” takes place on Tuesday, the 7th of September  between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. during the orientation week. There you can talk to students of different subjects and find the best possible subject for you.


You are already enrolled, but only with your student ID, ecUM for short, does it really become official. You should pick them up within the first week with the help of your matriculation certificate and your identity card. It is very important that you upload a picture of yourself in the freshmen portal beforehand. This will ensure that you can pick up your ecUM safely during the first two days. With your ecUM you can not only prove that you are studying at the University of Mannheim, but also pay in the cafeteria and in the university cafés and use the lockers in the libraries, for example.

In addition, when you pick up the ecUM, there is also the ID for your user account. With this you can access your e-mail account, the learning portal Ilias and the portal² and most importantly: also use the university WLAN. If you do not want to use your e-mail account regularly and actively, we recommend that you set up a forwarding to a private account so that you do not miss any important reminders.


Like all other students, you will have to take many different courses in the major and minor subjects in your first semester. Because every first generation has new problems with the Portal², we offer a curriculum consultation on Friday, the 10th of September between 2 pm and 6 pm and Tuesday, the 14th of September between 10 am and 3 pm during the freshmen week. Come to our online meeting room and let us help you and give you the most important insider tips.


The unofficial highlight of the autumn-winter semester is our freshmen Schneckenhof party with 3000 other students. No other party is as hard to get tickets as this one. So make sure you get one at the advance sale on Tuesday and Wednesday in front of the cafeteria. Tickets for 4 Euro are also available in advance at the student council.

ATTENTION: Due to the current pandemic situation the Schneckenhof parties do not take place.


But not alone! In order to recover from the exhausting start of the semester, we will take you on our legendary freshmen weekend normally held in September. Here you will not only get to know the student council better, but you can also deepen friendships already made and make new acquaintances. A colourful mixture of joint games and relaxed leisure time awaits you. 

ATTENTION: Minor students are not allowed to register!

ATTENTION: As you may have guessed, the weekend does not happen this year.


You have just moved and your bike no longer fits in the removal van? No problem. With your university e-mail address you can simply register with VRN-Nextbike. Once registered, you can rent bikes throughout the city and use them for half an hour for free. The registration is sometimes a bit confusing, but don’t get discouraged: It’s worth it!

If cycling is not your thing, you can also use the bus and train services with your semester ticket. The semester ticket is available at all self-service terminals in the university (the grey boxes with keyboard, e.g. at A5, the cafeteria or the campus shop). This is then printed directly on your ecUM. Please also note that you will receive your first semester ticket as a gift from the city of Mannheim if you have re-registered to Mannheim.



We hope you arrive well in Mannheim with our to-do list and wish you a great start.

Your FBV SoPo