Since 2007, the University of Mannheim has been oriented towards the international semester times. This means that our courses already start in September, but the autumn-winter semester (HWS) also ends with the examinations in December. The spring-summer semesters (FSS) already start in February, but before the “hot phase” begins, there are 2 weeks of Easter holidays. The FSS ends in June after the exam phase.

The exact dates of the semester dates in the respective years can be found on the homepage of the university.

The orientation week always takes place in the week before the new semester, i.e. in the last week of August. Here you can get all information about the orientation week.

The campus stretches from the station to the Parkring. At the beginning it is not always easy to understand what exactly belongs to the university and what does not. The main building is the castle itself, for us social scientists A5 is the central point of the university. Directly next to A5, for example, is the AStA’s headquarters in Parking 39.

Where you can find exactly what you are looking for you can also see on the campus map of the university.

Opposite the castle you will find the study offices and the express counter in L1, 1. This is where those responsible sit if you have questions about your studies, need a transcript of grades or would like advice.

The Study Office II is responsible for all students of sociology, political science or the Bachelor of Education.

All students register for the courses at the beginning of the semester. This is done via the Portal² under “Study Planner with Module Plan”. If you can’t handle it right away, that’s no problem. During the first week on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 12 and 4 PM or Fridays between 2 and 4 PM you are welcome to visit our study plan advisory service. We expect and help you in our student council room behind Café Soleil.

The framework curriculum gives you a good orientation on what you have to enrol in. It lists which events are to be attended and when. These are not binding, but especially in the first two semesters it makes sense to attend the courses as planned. There are some courses that have to be passed up to a certain semester and so you are on the safe side.

First of all, there will be a special “minor market”on Monday in the orientation week. This takes place between 14 and 16 o’clock in room EW048. If you have decided on a minor, you can choose this and two alternatives via the freshmen portal and will receive an e-mail from the study office with your final minor at the end of the election. 

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions or problems, please contact us by e-mail (info[at] or on Instagram (@sopo.fbv)!