As a student council, we are a very good first point of contact for all uncertainties or problems you may have during your studies, with examination regulations or professors. The best way to contact us is by email or Facebook, so that we can sit down together afterwards. 

If you have any questions regarding the content of examination regulations or general studies, please contact the course managers Gledis Londo (Political Science) or Stefanie Thye (Sociology).

Registration for the exams and examinations usually takes place about two months before the exam phase via the Portal² under the menu item “Prüfungen und Notenspiegel” and then under “Prüfungsanmeldung”. 

Important: You must register for an examination for all courses you have taken in this semester! So not only for exams you have to write, but also for seminars or exercises. 

You can find the grades of your homework, exams, etc. in the portal² under “Prüfungen und Notenspiegel” under the menu item “Notenspiegel”. 

This can be very different – while some lecturers have already corrected their exams after a few days, this can take several weeks for others and depends strongly on the length of the exam and the number of candidates. 

In general, however, the correction usually takes between two and four weeks. 

Currently, attendance is suspended in all sociology and political science courses. This means that you are free to decide when and if you want to go to your lectures. 

A new attendance requirement will probably be implemented in spring semester 2019 – we will inform you in time. 

Horde is the university’s internal mail service for all students, staff and professors. Each study has its own e-mail address to which all university e-mails are sent. It can be very useful to set up a redirection to your regular mail account so that you don’t miss any information. Instructions on how to do this can be found on the computing center’s website. 

After setting up your printer account, you can print in all the libraries on campus for four cents. In the Economics PC pool, however, you can print for as little as two cents. Scanning is of course free on all copiers. 

Many students have a part-time job – especially student assistant jobs are often advertised in the practice newsletter of the faculty. Other contact points can be the websites of the various chairs or institutions of the University of Mannheim. Especially the MZES or GESIS regularly offer many jobs. 

Any more questions?

If you have any further questions or ambiguities, we will be happy to help you! Please send an email to info[at] or contact us via Instagram.