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The Student Representative Council (for Sociology and Political Science) is an association of committed students of the faculty’s sociology and political science courses. We are all still students ourselves, work in our free time and on a voluntary basis. Roughly speaking, we are the student representation at the faculty level.

The Student Representation Council for Sociology and Political Science is one of numerous university committees, but probably the most manageable. We take care of your interests.

  • We organize information events, create notices and inform you if, for example, examination regulations change again or something similarly important happens.
  • In the autumn semester we organize our freshmen weekend for all first semester students of political science and sociology.
  • We are also intermediaries between students and professors or the faculty management and take care of any problems you may encounter.
  • The Student Representative Council for Sociology and Political Science has representatives inside the Faculty Council, the conference of professors, the dean’s office, us students and the Study Commission of the faculty of social sciences.
  • In addition, three of us sit in the Student Representative Councils, which discusses problems that affect students from all or several faculties. This is also where we coordinate our work with the AStA, the Student Council at university level.
  • Every semester we have a party at the Schneckenhof or in the Chaplin club, where we hope to see many of you as visitors.
  • We take care of your interests and take care of better and more flexible study conditions in the committees, in discussions with the dean’s office, faculty management and individual professors!

We are an open student body, which means that everyone is invited to join us. During the lecture times we meet every Tuesday at 7pm. The meetings are held in hybrid form (for more information check the footer).
Please be aware that all the meetings are held in German!

Especially if life at university seems to be confusing and unintelligible, it can be helpful to visit us. This way you can quickly get the necessary information and get to know nice people very quickly.

Just drop by, you are cordially invited!