Our Representatives in the study commission:

Marie Kahnau for Political Science
Tim Mauscherning for Sociology

The task of a Study Commission (StuKo) is to draw up study plans and to continually adapt them to the latest scientific developments. In doing so, attention should also be paid to economic needs.

The StuKo meets once or twice at the beginning of each semester. Apart from these regular meetings, the members organize via e-mail distribution list on currently important and urgent topics and matters within the faculty, whereby each member can insist on convening a meeting.

The StuKo can generally be regarded as a link between the Faculty Council and the faculties. Proposals for amendments and/or approvals shall be returned or forwarded to the competent bodies as appropriate. The main tasks are essentially the following points:

– Discussion of the course catalogue and the timetables of the following semester with regard to overlaps and capacities
– Changes in study-relevant regulations (examination regulations, study manuals)
– Determination of admission conditions
– New concepts for degree programmes
– Decisions on the use of any remaining funds from tuition fees
– Special tasks, e.g. coordination with the student representatives regarding the proposals for the state teaching award of the state of Baden-Württemberg, etc.

The StuKo is therefore a fundamental part of the faculty’s internal decision-making processes, as it pre-selects and prepares upcoming proposals, which considerably increases the efficiency of the faculty’s internal decisions. In comparison to the faculty council, the influence of the students is also favoured by a more advantageous relationship between the number of student representatives and the number of scientists inside.