Each faculty at the University of Mannheim has its own Faculty Council.

The Faculty of Social Sciences consists of the departments of Political Science, Sociology and Psychology. The Faculty Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences therefore includes representatives of all three departments (professors, representatives of the academic staff and students).

The Faculty Council is responsible for all matters concerning research and teaching of the faculty and cannot be decided by individual institutes or the Dean alone.

The Faculty Council is elected every year, always at the end of the summer semester. All students and staff in the faculty are eligible to vote. The term of office of all members is one year (01 September to 31 August), only the office of dean is filled for six years.

The representatives of the Student  Representative Council of Sociology and Political Science on the Faculty Council are committed to the interests of students. With our voices we try to express the opinion of all students.

Marlene Fritz
Our representative in the Faculty Council: Marlene Fritz