In the context of the work of the student representation, there are some departments which are staffed by members of the student representatives. On this page we would like to inform you about the tasks of the departments and who is currently representing you in these departments:

Financial department

The financial unit is normally headed by a Chairperson and a Deputy Chairperson. As a rule, the student representatives have funds from the finances of the student council, which the student representatives can dispose of as part of their work. These funds can be used, for example, for student excursions. Since the foundation of our association, the financial unit also has the association account. At regular intervals, the members of the financial department meet with other financial advisors from various faculties. 

Ruben Stübner

Chairperson of the Financial Department
4th Semester Sociology, Minor: Philosophy

Julius Kopf

Second Chairperson of the Financial Department
2nd Semester Sociology, Minor: Philosophy

Event department

Every week a party takes place at the University of Mannheim, which is organized by a different student council or by the AStA. FBV SoPo and FBV MKW have been celebrating one party per semester for several semesters so far. These parties traditionally take place in the university’s Schneckenhof. The event consultants take care of the smooth running of the party together with the speakers of the MKW. 

Dennis Engelter

Chairperson of the Event Department
6th Semester Political Science, Minor: MKW

Felix Forner

Deputy of the Event Department
2nd Semester Sociology, Minor: Business

External communication department

Whether via Facebook, Instagram or e-mail – the external communications department is responsible for informing all students about news and upcoming events. In particular the support of the Social Media channels and the public work are located in the center of this department. 

Pia Schaper

Internal Communication (Post & Mail)
2nd Semester Political Science, Minor: Sociology

Clara Schmitt

External Communication (Social Media & Homepage)
8th Semester Political Science, Minor: MKW

Excursion and Talk Department

Bonn, Berlin, Brussels, Mannheim. In order to gain insights into other practical and theoretical areas in addition to studying at the university, our excursion advisor organises lectures, excursions, workshops and much more every semester, together with other students from the student council.




Marlene Fritz

                     Chairperson of the Excursion and Talk Department
                          4th Semester Political Science, Minor: Economics      

Data protection Department

Our data protection officer is responsible for compliance with the DSGVO in all areas of student body life, such as events, excursions or our homepage. She acts as contact person for all student representatives in case of questions or ambiguities.

Lara Prigl

Data Protection Officer
4th Semester Political Science, Minor: Psychology

Quality Management Resources Department

The quality management funds consist of a fixed contingent and are made available to the university by the state and distributed among the faculties based on student numbers. A fixed amount always goes to the Center for University Didactics and the University Library. At the faculties, these funds are used for quality assurance of teaching. For example, we use it to finance various tutorials and the STATA-Hiwi.
The committee meets in the Fall-Winter-Semester to negotiate the quality management funds. Our elected representatives are responsible for enforcing the interests of the Social Sciences faculty.




Clara Schmitt                    

   Delegate for Quality Management Resources Department
                8th Semester Political Science, Minor: MKW  

Department for equality and discrimination

The Department for Equality and Discrimination is the place to go for all members of the Student Council in case of problems or conflicts. It was established with the aim of ensuring that everyone has the confidence to voice their concerns and feel comfortable in the Student Council. In addition, we advocate for equality when it comes to the nomination of departments.

Alicia Jeddi

   Delegate for Equality Department
2nd Semester Sociology, Minor: Psychology

Sofia Navarro Kienast

   Delegate for Equality Department
6th Semester Political Science, Minor: MKW