Our representatives in the Delegation of Student Representative Councils…

Leonie Lachnit
Benedikt Unkel
Gina John

…other SoPos in the Delegation of the Student Representative Councils:

Ruben Stübner - Finance Department

The Delegation of Student Representative Councils is the link between all student representatives of the University of Mannheim. Its general task is to bring together the common interests and information of all department representatives. The delegates of the student council are also in constant contact with the “Student Council (AstA)” and members of the student parliament. It also forms the communication committee of the student representatives for all forums of the “Written Student Body” and the administrative levels of the university.

Large topic complexes are above all questions of teaching improvement, budget questions of the student representatives by the financial department and the organization of events for freshmen, parties, information days and lectures. Each student council tries to support each other and work out solutions to make their everyday life easier for all students.

The student council meets 3-4 times a semester, but is also represented in committees and working groups, as well as in every student parliament meeting. The practical responsibility and external representation is incumbent on the chair of the council, which takes over the basic coordination. Each student council sends 3 delegates, we are represented here with 4 members, as the chair acts separately from the delegation.