Where do I have to go? What will my schedule look like? Are there actually nice people there? When you start your studies and come to a completely foreign city, you have a few questions on your mind. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there ourselves. 

In order to be able to support you a little at the beginning of your studies, we try to make your life easier with our orientation week: 

SOPO online Quiz

On Monday (21st September) at 7pm we will have an online quiz for you.

The quiz will be held using the online platform BigBlueButton (BBB). We will divide you and other freshers into breakout rooms together with one or two student representatives. In the breakout rooms you can get to know your new fellow students and discuss the questions of the quiz. The main purpose of the student representatives is to collect your answers and to create a pleasant atmosphere in the groups. Don’t be shy: we welcome every person who turns on their camera so the quiz will not be too anonymous.

We will announce the link to the BBB meeting in the WhatsApp and Facebook groups in time. You can find the links to these groups in the Fresher Brochures (“Ersti-Fibeln”).

Please note that the quiz and the communication in the groups will be in German.

Introduction to your studies

On Wednesday (23rd September) there will be the official introduction to the M.A. Political Science (digital location to be announced)/Sociology (digital location to be announced) from the university at 12:00 (noon) for about one hour. You can ask your most pressing questions and get to know your student representative council a little better. Furthermore, your programme managers, Gledis Londo (PoSci)/Stefanie Thye (Sociology) will welcome you and give you some important information.

Please find information for Bachelor courses on the German version of this webpage.


The campustour will be one of two face-to-face events that we will offer. It will take place on Wednesday (23rd September) from 12 (noon) to 2.30pm.

The meeting point is in front of Café Soleil at A5, 6. First, we will hand out bags (“Ersti-Tüten”) with information and flyers. In the bags you will also find printed versions of our brochures for freshers (which are also available online for download (“Ersti-Fibel”)), where you can get the most important information about studying in Mannheim. During the campustour we will walk  past the most important places on campus. These include the A5 building, the cafeteria, the Ehrenhof and much more.

As we have strict hygienic requirements, we have to make sure that the group size is a maximum of 17 freshers. But don’t worry: from 12 (noon) to 2.30pm, a campustour will start every 30 minutes. You will also have to wear a mask during registration on site. During the tour, we will make sure that there is always a distance of 1.5 metres among each of you and us. As these regulations have been taken for your and our safety, we explicitly ask you to observe these rules.

Unfortunately, registration is no longer possible. The capacities allowed by the university are already filled.

Evening at the neckar

On Wednesday (23rd September) at 4.30pm – with a little break after the campus tour – we would be happy to meet you again at the Neckarwiese. There you will reunite with the groups you were already part of during the campus tour. The student representatives will also be there.First, we will play some ice-breaker games to get to know each other better. In addition, we will provide you with some drinks. After the games you will have the chance to get to know each other even more, as far as the Covid-19 measures allow it.

Officially the get-to-know-each-other ends at 6.30pm on the Neckarwiese. Unfortunately, we have to ask you explicitly not to mix or expand the groups after the official end of the official event – the hygiene concept does not allow this. You can, however, explore the nearby Jungbusch with your group or just explore Mannheim on your own (but of course you are also allowed to stay at the Neckarwiese).

If you can’t find the Neckarwiese, you can contact us via the WhatsApp-Groups for freshers (you’ll find the link in the “Erstifibel”, which is available online for Bachelor-students). The map below might help you too.

Unfortunately, registration is no longer possible. The capacities allowed by the university are already filled.

SoPo pub crawl

Always the highlight of the freshman week: the SoPo pub crawl. On Thursday evening (24.09.) we give you the opportunity to get to know each other and your student representatives in small groups and also the best bars and pubs in Mannheim.

Usually we would of course tour the city from bar to bar with you. Since this year’s event will take place online, you will have the opportunity to join in from anywhere with a cold drink of your choice. The link for the online-meeting will be announced soon.

The event starts at 8 pm – we are looking forward to seeing you

study plan consultation

You are completely overwhelmed and have no idea what the Portal² already has against you and why you cannot enrol in courses? Are you unsure about the courses you should enrol in in the first semester and what you should do first in your minor subject? Don’t worry, we all did at the beginning of our studies! That is why we offer you a study plan consultation where we help you individually, show you how to take courses and what makes the most sense for you in the first semester. 

The study plan consultation are held online on the following dates and takes about 15 minutes: 

Friday (25th September)

2PM - 6PM

Saturday (26th September)

10AM - 2PM

Buddy Programme

The beginning of your studies can be exciting. Courses must be taken, ecUMs have to be picked up and events for freshers have to be attended. You get a flood of information, trying to filter out the important ones without knowing exactly what the important ones are.

For all your questions (and those that only come to mind after all the information events) from “Which course do I have to take?” to “Where is the library?” to “What is the Schneckenhof?” to “What dish in the cafeteria is edible?” we offer you our buddy programme. You will be matched with a student representative who will be your contact person.

Simply register between 16th September and 2nd October (until 10 am) via the following link:

 We look forward to getting to know you and to supporting you during the beginning of your student life in Mannheim (and beyond)!


We wish you an exciting orientation week and a good start to your studies at the University of Mannheim!

Your FBV SoPo